Static bollards ideal for segregating areas of a firm’s site

static-bollards Static bollards ideal for segregating areas of a firm's siteA reformed criminal is helping police front a campaign to cut thefts from cars. Ex-car thief Wyn Williams was filmed demonstrating to BBC reporter Roger Pinney how thieves look for valuables in cars. Mr Williams said it only a matter of minutes for a criminal to break into several cars at a time by breaking windows and grabbing vehicle contents. He said drug users stole from vehicles because they could sell items such as stolen laptops for up to £60.

Corporate car parking facilities can be made far more secure using Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles’ equipment. Static Bollards provide a genuine deterrent and are ideal for applications where a permanent pattern of control is required. With a range of styles and designs, your static bollard will seamlessly blend into your architecture and surroundings. Suitable in either a ground or surface mount, static bollards are highly flexible in most situations and are ideal for segregating certain areas of your firm’s site.