Coin operated turnstiles are perfect barrier against illegal entry

photo-turnstile-coin Coin operated turnstiles are perfect barrier against illegal entryA pensioner has collected a massive 1,650 signatures for a petition in a bid to get toilets at a shopping precinct re-opened. Terry Butcher was overjoyed that the Weymouth-based council is rethinking its options. The 70-year-old said: “It should’ve been debated by the council in the first place. “It took me three weeks to get my petition together and I had so much support. People were queuing up to sign it. I’d like to see the council get on and investigate what can be done.”

Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles install coin operated and/or smart card entry turnstiles that provide improved security. Coupled with a set of smart cards, flow capacity is significantly increased compared with any swipe card system, as the card is read in a quarter of a second and does not have to be taken out of a purse or wallet. With the addition of a fingerprint biometrics system from our partners Tensor, you have the perfect barrier against illegal entry.