Car park security system can include automatic number plate recognition

barriers-photo Car park security system can include automatic number plate recognitionOfficers mounted early morning raids on a host of waste recycling centres and scrap metal yards trying to uncover stolen materials. Members of the Environment Agency and police swooped over the north of England following widespread thefts. There were 20 incidents of metal theft over the last 30 days in South Cumbria alone. One officer, Sergeant John McIntosh, said: “We found no evidence that any of these sites were involved in processing stolen scrap metal. This is a good result."

Preventing theft from your company’s yard or depot would be made easier with a Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles security system. An automatic barrier enables you to have full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day. The systems, which can include automatic number plate recognition, can stop vehicles at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they are identified. Our turnstiles can be equipped to control the admission of visitors to your premises.