Tough revenue raising turnstiles require no routine maintenance

photo-turnstiles Tough revenue raising turnstiles require no routine maintenanceA partnership between retail outlets and a local authority in Greater London has led to hundreds of passers-by using toilets in various premises without having to buy anything. "The council has reviewed the community toilet scheme, to make sure that as many participating businesses as possible have toilets that are easy to access and all are clean and tidy,” was the statement from Richmond Council concerning the scheme around Sutton. Most toilets now have baby changing facilities and are wheelchair accessible.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles supply coin operated Toilet Turnstiles as well as solutions for controlling vehicle access to your site’s car park and road entry points. The turnstiles cater for high traffic volumes and operate to strict security standards, as the coin box is secure and numerous options are available to customise your turnstiles. They help to perform a public service as well as a good source of income for a cash-strapped local authority. Our turnstiles can tackle severe operating conditions, and they require no routine maintenance.