Parking posts can help improve car park safety at your premises

parking-posts.jpg Parking posts can help improve car park safety at your premisesA petrol station was closed after a collision in which a lorry driver was injured. Emergency services said significant damage was caused to the kiosk at Eashing Service Station, in Godalming, when a lorry hit a parked car on the forecourt. The building was also hit by the lorry on Thursday night and therefore was declared unsafe following an inspection, and has been closed for business. No-one was seriously hurt, while the parked car was unoccupied.

Barriers and posts from Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles can help improve safety at your premises by protecting your building. Very popular in the reservation of car parking spaces, parking posts are widely used where access to small areas is required to be restricted. Characterised by a strong contoured design, all supplied parking posts are key operated from the top. Bolted securely into the ground, only you – the authorised user – can unlock the parking post using the key provided, allowing it to be lowered in order to remove or park your vehicle.