Bespoke smart card technology can control barriers and bollards

barrier-support-posts Bespoke smart card technology can control barriers and bollardsThe value of a watchdog scheme to increase detection rates of those stealing fuel has again been shown during a recent incident. BOSS, an independent trade organisation founded by oil firms campaigning to reduce petrol station crime, has begun a system up and down the UK. At one forecourt near Glasgow a member of staff spotted the driver of a Vauxhall Vectra at one of the pumps that had previously been subject to ‘drive offs’ (when motorists fill up and leave without paying). When a genuine ‘drive off’ occurred, the police were called and an arrest made.

The best way to secure your premises is to use Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles technology. It can be integrated with a modular Tensor Access Control system to create a complete method of securing the point of entry – either a busy location in town, or exposed and liable to get broken into, it does not matter. The smart card technology enables access to be granted or denied instantly. Your access control system is completely bespoke and can also control access control turnstiles, barriers and bollards.