Barrier access control and ID passes are winning combination

barrier-skirts-thumbnail Barrier access control and ID passes are winning combinationThanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, figures show last year there were dozens of prisoners set free by mistake before their jail terms ended. The Prison Service said the overwhelming percentage of prisoners who were incorrectly let out had been recaptured in order to serve the remainder of their time, but a handful of them are thought to be still free. The error has been put down to complicated sentencing terms leading to the miscalculation of release dates.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles has a multitude of barrier and access control methods, including an ID pass system especially for prisons. Running on a PC using your Windows™ operating system, Prison Pass allows the pre-booking of solicitors, contractors and inmate visitors with maximum speed and minimum fuss. Visitor Monitoring has become an important security aspect of the day to day running of your organisation, and accurate records of any visitors to a prison or site are stored within the monitoring software, and can instantly be produced. Barrier and access control can protect any entry point to your site.