Reserve your car space with a secure parking post

parking-posts Reserve your car space with a secure parking postA unique car park has come to the United Kingdom. The amazing facility has opened in the midlands, and is the first car park in the UK that dispenses with having to finding a space. The car goes into a ‘transfer garage’, the driver exits, then the vehicle is lowered into the three-storey car park. When the driver wants the car back they simply swipe a special key fob. The vehicle is then collected and lifted back up to the garage. It is claimed that there is no chance of the wrong car being returned to the garage.

Very popular in the reservation of car parking spaces, parking posts are one of the many parking access control products available from Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles, and are widely used where access to small areas is required to be restricted. All our supplied parking posts are key operated from the top. Bolted securely into the ground, only you – the authorised user – can unlock the parking post using the key provided, allowing it to be lowered in order to remove or park your vehicle.