Document scanning technology can be linked to barrier system

photo-reception-W200 Document scanning technology can be linked to barrier systemThe public has been told to be on their guard about rogue roofing companies following problems with cold-callers in the Welsh county of Radnorshire. The pushy traders have been knocking on the doors of vulnerable people, said Powys Community Safety Partnership. The PCSP in a statement said: "Rogues and con-men bring misery to the lives of so many by cold-calling.” and reminded residents to ensure cancellation rights are offered and shown on documentation and to "shop around with other companies".

If your firm is unsure about the validity of anyone calling at or visiting your site, it will be thoroughly protected with Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles’ clever system. Automatic barriers can be installed at the entrance to your site and enable you to securely control vehicle access. Smart cards can be used to automatically open the gate by staff, so there is no loss of throughput. Document scanning and Visitor Monitoring (VMS) technology can also be installed in this modular network. VMS is very useful if questions about a person’s identity or credentials come in to question.