Camera surveillance can be added to barrier network

covert-camera Camera surveillance can be added to barrier networkCalls have come for CCTV and other measures to make a graveyard more secure after police are stressing they are not linking the two thefts from the Eastfield Cemetery in Peterborough. Emma Smith (25) and her family, who visit the Cambridgeshire cemetery nearly every day, had been left heartbroken when they found that two angels had been taken from the grave of her brother. Following an appeal by the local paper, the family had the statue returned; and the victims have backed calls to increase security.

CCTV camera surveillance can be added to Car Park Barriers and Turnstiles’ Access Control barrier network. The key role of barriers is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorisation. Our systems, which include sliding gates, posts, and fencing, can disallow entry or exit until they are identified. An automatic barrier enables you to have full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day; while adding CCTV will monitor who is on your premises at all times.