Skirts prevent pedestrians from walking underneath automatic barriers

barrier-skirts-thumbnail Skirts prevent pedestrians from walking underneath automatic barriersVehicle owners are being hoodwinked by a fake parking ticket scam that demands payment, and includes a £1-per-minute ‘phone information line’ for disputes. The tickets, which look almost identical to a genuine item, are being stuck onto legally parked cars. They demand £68, or £34 if the ‘fine’ is paid within 14 days. Tickets have been found in Cheshire and Staffordshire, issued by a company called Parked Vehicles Division Limited. The company is currently not contactable at its listed address.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles deal in a complete range of barrier devices that control who can enter or exit your car park or site. Among these are barrier skirts which are ideal for preventing pedestrians from walking underneath your automatic barrier. The skirts offer the flexibility of a rising arm automatic barrier and the deterrent of a gate, but at a much lower cost. Not only suitable for automatic car park barriers, your barrier skirt can also be fitted to most manual barriers of varying boom lengths. As a bonus, the skirts require no routine maintenance.