Total security solution for sites via modular barrier network

barriers-137x100 Total security solution for sites via modular barrier networkSigns warning people they were under police surveillance were described as something out of the novel ‘1984’. That is what Portsmouth city councillor Luke Stubbs evoked when he complained that the Beware, We Are Watching You sign was too close to the famous book which coined the phrase ‘Big Brother is watching you’. Police put up eight warning signs as a response to a series of criminal damage incidents in the south coast area.

A Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles security device installed by the Tensor group of companies gives your premises a better chance of avoiding becoming a victim of crime. Our automatic barriers and posts, turnstiles are all controlled on the same access control smart card network, giving you complete piece of mind over who enters your site via an electronic door mechanism. Unauthorised people are barred entry while members of staff gain access in the fastest method available by having their cards or key fobs scanned by access readers. For a total security solution, surveillance cameras at your barriers will all be under the umbrella of the same modular network.