Static bollards deter parking on private land

static-bollards Static bollards deter parking on private landThe British Parking Association has reacted to the Government’s plans to ban wheel clamping on private land. The BPA statement contained these objections: "Drivers should be encouraged to comply with the conditions of private car park use. Everyone recognises landowners’ rights to control their land. If drivers trespass, there must be repercussions. However, these repercussions must be proportionate.” It continued: “The Government’s plans are a charter for the selfish parker. Real progress can be made by addressing the ‘scrag end’ of the market occupied by rogue clampers."

Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles comes to the rescue of those seeking to deter people parking on their private land. Static Bollards provide a genuine deterrent and are ideal for applications where a permanent pattern of control is required. With a range of styles and designs, your static bollard will seamlessly blend into your architecture and surroundings. Suitable in either a ground or surface mount, static bollards are highly flexible in most situations and are ideal for segregating certain areas of your site. They are easy to install and preserve an open and inviting environment.