Steel fencing helps reduce crime and vandalism

metal-fencing Steel fencing helps reduce crime and vandalismDetectives are still counting the insurance cost of a lightning smash and grab heist in which jewels worth several million pounds were stolen in London. A gang broke into a low-grade security entrance to access the De Beers store inside the Royal Exchange shopping area. The arcade, based around a champagne and seafood bar, is lined by jewellers and luxury goods stores which often leave displays fully stocked to encourage window shopping.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles offer complete outdoor security solutions like bollards, barriers, sliding gates and posts. Our metal fencing has the security of modern steel, coupled with the looks of traditional iron railings. Pre-welded panels with internal connectors make the metal fencing as vandal proof as possible. Increasingly seen by owner and insurance company alike as a high quality cost effective solution to obtain a secure perimeter, the palisade metal fencing has a proven record in reducing crime and vandalism. Among the features of the fencing is a seamless design, with no visible joins, plus vandal-proof connectors; and it is available in a range of colours.