All our qualified barrier engineers are security vetted

photo-prison-2-200x175 All our qualified barrier engineers are security vettedThere will be an official probe into how a dangerous criminal was allowed to flee from custody not once, but twice. David Patmore broke out from a midlands open prison in April, was seized by officers after a rooftop stand-off, and re-sentenced in the northwest recently. In 2003, he jumped out of the dock at Minshull Street Crown Court and fled before he could be sentenced for the armed robberies he committed with a group who had fleeced their victims of more than £80,000 in cash.

The key role of Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles products is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorisation. Our systems disallow entry or exit until the person concerned is identified. An automatic barrier enables you to have full control over any controlled point at any time of the day; while our turnstiles can be equipped to be used as a security device. All our qualified engineers are security vetted and Criminal Records Bureau checked. Our group also operates a prison pass ID badge system which checks proof of identity on all pre-arranged visits to HM prisons.