Posts protect your bays from illegal parking

parking-posts Posts protect your bays from illegal parkingNew waiting regulations in Colwyn Bay, Wales, have resulted in a surge in parking on quiet streets. Parking areas on roads in the town that were formerly free, including Queens Drive, have been converted to 60 minute zones, forcing workers to go elsewhere. Bay of Colwyn Town Councillor, William Bagnall, said: “When they actually proposed it around Queens Park I did make a comment we’d be parking on the Old Highway before long because of the restrictions. I could see [once] put in place it would be driving traffic towards the east.”

Whether it is access control or illegal parking problems, there is a security product from Carpark Barriers Turnstiles to suit your needs. We have a fully modular door and barrier access control network using smart cards that fits the bill for nearly any electronic locking mechanism. Our barriers function in all conditions, and are able to immediately recognise authorised personnel. We install and maintain security bollards that protect your site, premises or property. Choose from an array of static or automatic bollards, or simply opt for parking posts if it’s parking bays you are looking to protect.