Barriers and Turnstiles ideal for transport companies

glass-turnstiles Barriers and Turnstiles ideal for transport companiesGovernment figures just released revealed that crime on public transport is costing society one-and-a-half billion pounds a year. The numbers for England in 2006/07, the latest statistics which are available, showed that the total numbers of incidents on buses, rail, light rail, trams and London Underground amounted to an estimated half a million. Transport Minister Norman Baker held round-table discussions with representatives from passenger groups, the Home Office, British Transport Police and transport operators to discuss the research.

Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles technology would be an ideal installation for organisations such as transport – for example, there are many thousands of barriers and turnstiles on the Underground alone. Our barrier systems, involving easy to use smart cards, disallow vehicles entry or exit until they are identified, while providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorisation. The barriers can also be colour-coded to suit your corporate identity at little or no extra cost. Our turnstiles offer improved security and control of admission of visitors to your premises. Perfect for high volumes of traffic, our turnstiles provide maximum flow capacity, at the same time causing minimal disruption.