Barrier system increases security for vehicles or personnel

barrier-support-posts Barrier system increases security for vehicles or personnelCabinet Office Minister Francis Maude reacted angrily to a senior policeman, Assistant Commissioner John Yates, telling the Association of Chief Police Officers annual conference that the nation was more vulnerable to terrorist activity due to an imminent reduction in the force’s budget. Mr Maude told the BBC News channel: “I’d like to avoid public servants doing this kind of shroud-waving in public. There is a special responsibility on all public servants to be really careful what we say and what we do.” He added it was “alarming the public.”

Access control systems use smart card technology to increase your building, site or office security beginning at the first point – your car park. The Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles system can be used for multi site companies and will control most standard types of internal or external electronic, magnetic door locks or releases. It controls your car park barriers, turnstiles, site entrance gates, roller doors or almost any other mechanism that provides physical security. It will stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they identify themselves via their smart card and/or biometric fingerprint.