Tamper resistant full height turnstiles foil thieves

full-height-turnstiles Tamper resistant full height turnstiles foil thievesCrime dropped by 9 per cent last year in England and Wales, confounding fears that the recession would fuel an increase in offending. The number of murders fell by 6% to 615, the lowest since 1997, while gun and knife crime also fell. Crimes recorded by the police fell 8% from 4.7m in 2008/09 to 4.3m last year. Both official sets of crime figures – the BCS (British Crime Survey) and police recorded statistics – are now lower than they were in 1997 at the previous change of administration.

You can greatly decrease the chance of crime occurring at your premises with Tensor’s Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles. Our system can stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they identify themselves via their smart card and/or biometric fingerprint.

When absolute entrance or exit security is required, full height turnstiles are the perfect solution. Ideal in unmanned locations, they provide maximum security together with a strong visual deterrent. Full height turnstiles are tamper-resistant and weatherproof, ensuring they can last in even the harshest of environments.