Bollards to Restrict Access

Unauthorised access by travellers, particularly at night, has been an increasing problem across industrial areas in the South East of England. While security is not an issue during the day, a robust solution is required to secure these sites during the hours of darkness.

The practicalities associated with this type of installation rule out many potential physical security solutions. Automatic bollards are the most suitable method of security for this kind of situation as they can be raised and lowered according to the specific needs of each site.

They are mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars, while allowing access for service and emergency vehicles. They have a strong cylindrical design and can be finished in any RAL colour, if required.

The bollards can be set so that they automatically raise and lower at pre-arranged times or they can be controlled via a smart card swipe system.

They are highly resitant to impact and atmospheric agents and are housed inside compartments set into the road surface, providing effective control over the use of the space behind the bollard.

Allowing unrestricted pedestrian access, bollard systems can be fully customised to meet specific security issues and to optimise the number of staff required to oversee access arrangements. They also have the following advantages:

  • The unit is concealed underground hence, minimal visual impact in sensitive environments.
  • Promotes protection of pedestrian areas in town centres.
  • Allows access to authorised vehicles only.
  • Reduces and optimises the use of human resources engaged in access control activities.
  • Customisable colour selection for blending in with the urban surroundings.
  • Safety of operation can be highlighted by buzzer and/or indicator light, according to position.
  • Available with a large range of accessories.

For further information on our range of automatic bollards, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team.