The Bollard Deterrent

Today’s security climate requires us to place increased emphasis on property protection and pedestrian safety. Whether it be safeguarding our homes, offices or the people within, often a physical implementation is required – especially if you are after a deterrent solution.

Automatic bollards are the number one choice when looking for a cost-effective deterrent for your property. Bollards protect both residential and commercial properties from unauthorised access and act as a deterrent against ram raiders.

Whether it is protection in your warehouse, building security, access control, illegal parking problems or prevention in the fight against burglary, break-ins and ram-raiding there is a security bollard to suit your needs.

Reflective striping can also be applied to your bollards to maximise delineation, or they can be powder coated in any RAL colour to blend in with your corporate identity.

Constructed from galvanised steel, the bollards are virtually rust-proof and have been proved to sustain extreme environments before any type of corrosion sets in.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles install and maintain security bollards that protect your property. Choose from static or automatic bollards for protecting areas of your property, or simply opt for parking posts if it’s parking bays you are looking to protect.

If you require further information or advice on security bollards, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With such a wide selection available, we’re sure we have a bollard suitable for your needs.