Turnstile Before Every Ride

Big name theme parks are revolutionising the way they control and monitor access to each and every ride within their park. Half height turnstiles, strategically placed in the queue systems around the park are offering a wealth of information to the management.

Used in conjunction with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology on park passes, the turnstile allows entry whilst reporting who entered through it.

The customer friendly alternative to full height turnstiles are providing high flow rates around the parks whilst strictly monitoring which rides are being used at any given time.

The outcome of this new technology is the ability to collate and database all the information to determine peak days and times for rides and reveals the individual activities of the different types of ticket holder.

Not limited to just reporting how many people use the particular ride in one day, information on which ride is attracting repeat custom, inspire informed decisions on further expansion.

Negating the need for an individual to physically manage a paper ticket system, accuracy is improved whilst the flow capacity is significantly increased.

The parks also now have a tighter grip on systems like ‘queue-jump’ where an individual can jump the queue a specific amount of times. Upon the RFID being scanned at the turnstile, it can determine whether to allow access or not.

Parks can also gather information on their season ticket holders, monitoring the average amount of visits over different periods, as well as detailing their preferences once within the park.

If you are looking to install a turnstile solution on you property, or simply require further information or advice on security solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.