Analysing Security Needs

Developing a comprehensive security plan requires methodical and deliberate analysis. Starting with a macro understanding of an organisation and progressing to micro security tasks, it takes structure to compile and analyse a security plan.

Having been a market leader within the security industry in the UK for over 10 years, the security audit team at Car Park Barriers and Turnstiles have written a series of recommendations, which should offer precise information on how to analyse your organisation’s security needs.

The process of analysing security needs for a particular situation can be a formidable undertaking. In our experience, most security needs have previously been determined following a security incident.

The object of security analysis is to identify security exposures in a methodical and thorough manner so that any suggested security program is based on broad analysis and not simply on the last security incident.

Analysis ensures that expenditures for security are directed appropriately based on local needs, thus protecting critical resources while accepting the risks stemming from lesser concerns.

However, the goal is not to develop a foolproof security plan. An underlying concept is that an asset cannot be protected completely, without absorbing extravagant costs and without inhibiting business operations.

The goal instead is to make it difficult – but not impossible – for an adversary to breach security. The level of difficulty depends upon the value of the asset and the organisation’s tolerance for risk.

The security analysis process is divided into five phases:

  1. asset definition;
  2. threat assessment;
  3. vulnerability analysis;
  4. selection of countermeasures;
  5. and implementation.

The process is arranged for a deliberate analysis and requires completion of each phase before proceeding to the next.

Each of these phases needs to be analysed in detail, and should prove helpful in giving you an insight into what you need to consider when installing physical security equipment such as turnstiles and metal fencing on your site.

Of course, we provide free security audits to companies and organisations based within the UK, analysing your security needs and presenting you with a security action plan. If you would like one of our security audit officers to visit your premises, please contact us.